Tuesday, January 9, 2007

A Rose By Any Other Name...

Important Background Information: The Helper and I share the same first name, though he’s not a junior. A gift from my wife; because if he was the only son we would ever have I wanted him to share my name… and she was heavily sedated at the time.


“I’m not Chris, I’m Daddy, you’re Chris.”

“No I’m NOT, I’m Christopher!” *Hands on Hips* [Stamps one foot]

“You’re Chris, too.”

“No I’m NOT, I’m Christopher, you are Chris!” *Finger Point in Face* [Stamps both feet]

“Okay, you know I’m Christopher too, we have the same name.”

“No we don’t… you’re Daddy!”

Never saw it comin’ folks.

You know your old and feeble when you verbally spar with your 4 year old and he kicks your butt!


Amanda said...

Ahhh, that's so cute! VERY special that you two share the first name! If we ever have a son, he will share Daddy's middle name, a name that has been passed from generation to generation on his side. I love stories like that!
My Linens post is up, btw!
And yes, I do read Jeff's comments...of course I do, cuz he talks about them, so I have to be in the loop :)

Angel said...

LMAO..... perfect. Someone is off his game to be out thought by their little one. My son's middle name is his daddy's name. His first name is after MY dad.

Hmmm how will you take him down next time? LOL

Long Island Dad said...

Amanda - just read and commented on the linens.

Angel - I may need help from hubby and working gal on my cross examination and deposition skills. I'll put them on speed dial!

MyBestInvest said...

Son is a junior. I have a relatively unique name, so we were trying to make it a multigenerational thing. The name fits him very well, but I know there will be conversations like yours in our future!