Monday, January 8, 2007

Age Is Just A Number...

Next Tuesday is the Helper’s birthday; he’ll be four. This coming weekend we’re having the perfunctory adult party to celebrate his years. Mommy took off the entire weekend – that’s why we’re in an eight day work jag. In preparation for the party, we’re making sure he knows the answer to the question, “How old are you?” Recently, the Mommy has been quizzing him on some basic facts. We seem to be having a problem distinguishing major holidays. We’ve never been the type of parents that make the children perform “monkey tricks” for the pleasure of adults. Of course he knows his name – that’s a safety thing, but we’ve never been really good with the age thing. Here’s a little excerpt of Mommy’s recent practice session:

Mommy: “Christopher, did you know your birthday’s coming up?”
Helper: “I saw Santa, twice!”

Mommy: “How old are you going to be?”
Helper: “Tigger!” (his Halloween persona)

Mommy: “Honey, when’s your birthday?”
Helper: “Breakdown Trains!” (Thomas the Tank toy he wants)

After some tutoring and extra help…

Mommy: How old are you going to be?”
[Holding up the appropriate fingers] “Three, Two, I don’t know… you tell me, what’s the first word?”

Note: The child can count to twenty, forwards and backwards, and knows his entire alphabet, but seems to be hung up on this birthday / age thing. We’ll keep on it, he’ll be ready to go by Sunday -- “I’m Christopher and I’m four years old… now can I please have my present?”


Angel said...

LMAO.... that was cute. He sounds like my daughter. She goes on tangents like that.

My son is at the other end. A photographic memory and frighteningly he remembers tooooooo much. He can tell you when he got some toys back to his first (yes first) Christmas or b-day. I kid you not, and without coaching.

He knows all his friends first and last names (and did so in preschool at age 3) and UNFORTUNATELY knows when my b-day is and my AGE!!! He likes to tell people... "My mommy's birthday is today and she turned thirty..." whatever. Ugh!

If he's anything like my daughter (and my daughter is smart too, like your son) he knows it but hears a word or two and answers that way. Like 'birthday' he says what he wants to get. LOL.

Thanks for the giggle, it was a cute example.

Long Island Dad said...

Hey A- Hope you're feeling better! I attribute his reponses to the fact that the questions were being asked by a women... he's a man, and instinctively his "selective hearing" kicked in... LOL LOL!

Karly said...

Too cute...I like how he tells you what gifts he wants when you mention "birthday." Too funny.

Angel said...


That was way too funny. I am far too familiar with that selective hearing. I have a hubby and a son. Yep, selective. So at 3 almost 4 he can tune out? Wow!

Advanced male specimen. LOL

I'm still not feeling great but functional. Thanks. I will not admit I'm getting full blown sick because I've convinced myself that it isn't goint to happen. Postive thinking or denial?

Long Island Dad said...

Oh, Positive thinking for sure, just will it not to happen... mind over matter right *cough* *cough* *sniffle* *cough*

Anonymous said...

maybe not so much "selective hearing" as the realization that if people think you don't know anything they are more likely to leave you to your own devices...

Angel said...

I just saw a State Farm commercial that would have ruffled your feathers. It showed a father handling three kids. His hair was dishevled and he was unshaven. The kids were running amuck as he laid one screaming child down for a nap (it seemed)and a toddling one waddled into a bathroom with his expensive watch and flushed it. The woman at State Farm said, "It isn't easy going it alone."

I can see the stereo-type you are fighting. *sigh*

Long Island Dad said...

Jeff - Hmmm... interesting, never thought of that.

Angel - Yes, I saw the commercial! I've turned over a new leaf this year though. I won't let it bother me, turn the other cheek and all that crap...LOL! But I do have two words for State Farm and they're not "good job."