Sunday, January 7, 2007

Oh Well...

Both boys are napping... as I probably should be. Alas, I'm to worn out to move and my beloved JETS sweatshirt is soaked in tears of disappointment. Not to be a sore loser -- I congratulate all you New England fans -- revel in your success you deserve it. I will now go launder all of my, and the kids, JETS apparel and seal it away for next season. Maybe I'll just wait for Mommy to do it... I'm too depressed for housework.

Buck up my fellow NYers spring training is only 3 short months away. Our Yankees will be champions once more... see you in Tampa!

Finally, to all my GIANT friends, yes that means you Bill, may your defeat be quick and painless, may you not suffer the humiliation that is 37-16, and may your tears and sobs bring you comfort and solace.

My friend Bud Weiser has come to comfort me in my time of need.
[Crack] Sissssssss *Slurp* [Sob] *Chug* [Sob] [Sniffle] *Sip*
... Damn Patriots... Sons of Bit*hes!

At least, This Old House and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition are new episodes tonight.


Angel said...

I just looked at yahoo sports to see how your team did. I'm terribly sorry.

I know your pain. This season was the most painful one following a superbowl win ever. We went from hoping for a repeat performance to cringing with almost every game. Many a drink was a form of solace.

Wait a day or two to deal with the apparel storage. I have found the pain lessens over time.

Besides that, next season everyone starts out with a tabula rosa.

Yankee fan? Eeek. Hubby might tell me to stop associating myself with you. (He's an Indian's fan.) I grew up watching the Pirates, which the last decade or so means a waste of time. LOL.

You watch home improvement shows too? LMAO.... well I should have guessed that should I?

I love to watch the HG tv channel for a show where they look at three houses for someone to buy and make over and still meet their target purchase price. Hubby is freaked when I guess the estimate for the cost of each room almost right on. LOL

Angel said...

Of course I meant "....well I should have guessed that shouldn't I?" Silly me.

Long Island Dad said...

I was addicted to HGTV for a year until I got DirectTV and now I have the DIY network too, as well as, Discovery Home. 24/7 Home Improvement, Ah, how I love to learn and make fun of at the same time LOL

P.S. Not to be rude but I didn't know they had baseball in PA... just kidding! Yeah, that's right, the stories of the arrogant Yankee fans are true -- just ask our friends in Boston.

Angel said...

The word 'Yankees' is like a four letter word here.

I suppose growing up more a football fan is a good thing unless the Pirates EVER get better. They were once good believe it or not.

Now we are just trying to hang on to the Penquins. *sigh*

Angel said...

btw... you are so trying to be rude. Smart a*s. LOL.

I'll have to post some pictures of the brick mailbox I designed and built. Yes...ME! I'm quite handy. This summer hubby and I built the pool deck I designed on CAD. (and my new BIL, who I set up with my sister, just graduated with a masters in Arch and is now a Prof. in Tampa.)

wayabetty said...

I came via OTJ, and I love reading new blogs, esp...daddy bloggers since I'm curious to know what y'all are up to.

My condolences from one fair-weathered Pats fan, or should I say #12 Brady fan. That was a good game! At least the coaches hugged after this game huh?!

But nothing beats Romo in that horrible hold that lost the game, my BIL is also a fair-weathered Dallas/Pats fan and he was so distraught that he didn't watch football all last Sunday. I had to rub it in and said "Romo's no Brady!" Evil SIL that I am, and we live next store. Hee hee.