Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Look... New Purpose.

It's been a while... to say the least. 
Long Island Dad is back and better than ever! 

The new look embodies my new purpose; a blog dedicated to the challenges of being a parent in today's world and what it takes to raise children with traditions and values. No small feat but I'll try...

This re-purposing was inspired by the latest political climate and what I believe is a lack of leadership and role models for today's children. We, as parents, can only do so much. Because of technology and access our children are being exposed to an entitlement mentality that's permeating every corner of our society.

Today's issues are complicated. There is a rising sense of uncertainty about our future... and if we can feel it so can our children.

I'm here to offer my two cents - for what it's worth - on today's "hot" topics. From Common Core curriculum to the 2016 Presidential Election and everything in between. Please feel free to comment on any and all of my posts. For the only thing that can affect change is an open and honest dialogue about our problems.

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Thanks for reading. As you can see I have kept all my archives active so you re-read all my previous posts. While they are mostly an anecdotal snapshot of my experience as a parent, some of you have found them entertaining.



Friday, April 20, 2007

I’m Here… But Not Really!

Thanks to all my “friends” who have been wondering where I’ve been. For a guy who posted daily… sometimes 2-3 times a day to nothing in over a month… it might appear just a little odd… Hmmmmm…

But you guys came through – you didn’t forget about dear ‘ole Long Island Dad. You all emailed me at least twice to stay updated. And, for those of you who didn’t here’s the update on my disappearance into a black hole.

As you probably remember reading, I had volunteered to do “some” work for the Long Island 2 Day Walk To Fight Breast Cancer. Well after some minor administrative work I was given a little more to do… and then even more than that. After a while I was asked to be on the Planning Committee for this wonderful organization. If you visit,, you’ll see Long Island Dad’s name listed.

How do you say no to an organization whose sole purpose is a “grass roots” effort to help people? You don’t. Not when you have the time and the desire. So what started as an hour or so a day has now snow balled into an almost full-time gig, as the Walk is in June. I’m doing most of their website updating, a lot of graphic design work, merchandise coordination and about eleven other things…

The people I’ve met and interacted with have been some of the most dedicated, extraordinary people I have ever met in my life. Selfless to the core -- an inspiration to say the least… makes me get up everyday and “go to work!”

What makes this effort different from any other, including the big name national ones you always hear about, is this organization is a 1,000 member, strictly volunteer based, Walk, that gives 100% not 99.9% -- 100% of the donations raised to local coalitions, local research and it’s own scholarship fund. All the administrative and walk expenses are covered by the generous sponsors – from large national ones, like Toyota, UPS, and Southwest Airlines to small local bagel stores and everything in between. I’ve learned that in the non-profit world if you want to raise $300,000 it actually costs $300,000… that’s the reality. If it weren’t for volunteers, sponsors, in-kind donations none of this would happen.

This organization makes it possible for people who have no transportation to their treatments to get there… those who have no one to watch their children – babysitting… those too sick to take care of their homes – cleaning services… those who have children that can’t go to college because of medical expenses – a scholarship fund… those who can’t pay for treatment – medical expense assistance… those who don’t know where to turn – places that welcome them and support them 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This is the difference… real people getting real help when they need it most. Not arbitrary funds that go to “find a cure!” Real people, real stories, real effects!

Now… for what you’ve been waiting for… the update on the Helper and the Baby… THEY’RE GREAT!!!! Well, relatively speaking that is – it’s been cold here so outdoor activities have been limited and the Helper has literally been bouncing (like Tigger) off the walls. But now the weather seems to have broken and my sanity will return incrementally with the temperature increase. The Helper wants to ride bikes today – I got a trailer attachment for my bike to take the Baby so that’s what we’re doing this afternoon. Oh, and gone are the days of the Baby’s long naps as he now 7 months old… and his brother can’t be quiet to save his life…

So how do I get all my “work” done and take care of the little people AND maintain the house… I’m that good… and sleep is for wimps!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Arts & Leisure

This Saturday night, March 10th, 2007, Long Island Dad and The Mommy will be attending an “Art Evolution.” While I’m by no means an art aficionado, I know what I like and I know great pieces when I see them...

Artist/Designer Brian Kirhagis uses his unparalleled talent to create unbelievable interpretations of life and experiences. For an example of what I’m talking about please visit his personal site at and click on the "Originals" link at the top of the page.

Brian is also the head designer and president of BrikWork, Inc., a full service design, video, web and graphics company. He and his team bring a unique perspective to this field. Whether you’re in the market for a new company logo, fresh looks for your website or some video work please visit Brian’s company at

I hope you have the chance to visit his “Evolution” next week.

Please click on the flyer below to enlarge it for details, or visit for more information.