Sunday, January 7, 2007


When the football season first started, JETS fans would've been happy with an 8-8 season, maybe 9-7 at best. Playoffs? Not in our wildest dreams. But here we are, ready to show our stuff to those New England pansies ex-Champions. Thanks Coach Mangini, Mr. Pennington, Mr. Coles, et al. While I know there's a slight chance I might be eating these words later today, here's my prediction -- JETS by 7 1/2. Take that you fanatical Patriot lovers! (I can be this bold, as I know I don't have any New England readers...yet! Uh Oh!)


Angel said...

I hope your team wins! *sniffle* My team choked this year. (Steelers) But after Ben, on his motorcycle, tried to clean the asphalt road with his head and no helmet I can't believe he even played. When he did that all fans here figured this season was a wash.

At least we got to play spoiler to Cincinati. Who dey? We Dey! hee hee.

Angel said...

Good luck to your team!! I see the game is underway.

I remember the excitement last year of the playoffs and my team being the underdog to win it all. My goodness did we celebrate!! Drinks, fireworks all around town. It rocked! My kids are now Steeler fans (too bad hubby was a Browns fan, now he only roots for college teams.)