Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Look... New Purpose.

It's been a while... to say the least. 
Long Island Dad is back and better than ever! 

The new look embodies my new purpose; a blog dedicated to the challenges of being a parent in today's world and what it takes to raise children with traditions and values. No small feat but I'll try...

This re-purposing was inspired by the latest political climate and what I believe is a lack of leadership and role models for today's children. We, as parents, can only do so much. Because of technology and access our children are being exposed to an entitlement mentality that's permeating every corner of our society.

Today's issues are complicated. There is a rising sense of uncertainty about our future... and if we can feel it so can our children.

I'm here to offer my two cents - for what it's worth - on today's "hot" topics. From Common Core curriculum to the 2016 Presidential Election and everything in between. Please feel free to comment on any and all of my posts. For the only thing that can affect change is an open and honest dialogue about our problems.

Long Island Dad is also on Twitter - please follow me at @linydad

Thanks for reading. As you can see I have kept all my archives active so you re-read all my previous posts. While they are mostly an anecdotal snapshot of my experience as a parent, some of you have found them entertaining.