Sunday, January 7, 2007

Closing The Loop

Our friend at DaddyDiaryTales has reminded us bloggers to "close the loop" on previous posts, lest we run the risk of leaving our readers hanging. So here's my loop closer:
The car parts did arrive, and after a little time out in the shop I have repaired Mommy's vehicle. While I still need to compound and clear coat the paint job, the repair's lookin' good. Unfortunately, I have no before photos...too painful! But, suffice it to say, the front fender and front corner light are brand new. You may see a slight color difference. And let's remember folks, all for $200 ($300 less than our deductible) and no insurance premium increase. Handy Manny's got nothing on me! I used all OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts so I won't have a problem when trading it in.
My thanks to my suppliers (credit where credit is due):
Paint World
(Perfectly Matched Paint.)
US Auto Parts

(Perfectly Fitted Parts, OEM misaligned bolt holes here.)


Angel said...

And you do autobody work? Crap. You live too far away to fix the dent in my exotic, ever sexy teal mini van from an icy day. I've tried to find a way inside the panel to try and pound it out.... *sigh* I'm jelly belly (translation, jealous.)

Excellent work!!

Karly said...

So, uh, you interested in fixing my passenger side mirror that is dangling from the electrical wire and flaps in the wind every time we hit 50mph?

Long Island Dad said...

A- You realy can't pound out a dent from inside a panel -- never looks right! Plus, western PA is no place for perfect cars -- long winters and ice, right?

K- "dangling from the...wire" that's not good. Check out buying a replacement on-line - much less expensive than any dealer.

Angel said...

So you're saying I should have a crash up derby car? LMAO. Perhaps I should rethink getting that Beetle convertible. hee hee.

What burns me up is I'm a good winter driver and put the dent in slowly backing into my driveway around the house and slid into the bottom of the deck steps. I did more damage to the car than the deck. How embarassing. *blush*

I figured it wouldn't be able to be punched out (by me at least. LOL) At least it's old and paid for.

And there you go talking about long winters and ice.... are you trying to hex us with three months of nothing but bad weather? LOL ;D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the credit. Although I'm a new reader to your site, I'm sure your more regular readers appreciate you keeping them updated on "old" information.