Tuesday, January 9, 2007

On The Lighter Side... They're Never Too Young

Okay, it took a little longer than 3 or 4 minutes, but it happened as I predicted. Let me first start by saying, this was ALL his idea. I know what you’re thinking, but he really did want to do the dishes…vacuum… clean the bathroom… feed the dogs… and get Daddy a cold beverage…

The Helper (and now you know why he’s called this) decided he wanted to do the dishes, here are the details:

I had been standing at the sink starting this task, one I perform numerous times throughout the day. Yes, we do have a dishwasher (pictured just to the right of the Helper), and, as a matter of fact, I just installed a brand new one, but I digress.

The Helper comes up to me and says he wants some milk and some water. The only two beverages he drinks – no juice for him, he’s never liked it.

I say, “Sure, go get me your cups and I’ll wash them out and give you more.” He leaves, on his quest to find where he left his beverage containers.

He returns with cups in hand and tells, not asks, me that he will wash them out.

WOW! I thought, what an opportunity. I get a step stool and set him up with a sponge. I provide some instruction on proper technique and stand back.

To my delight, my Helper really did wash his cups out, and, Mommy's new Starbucks travel mug (pictured to the right of my little buddy). *Smile* [Proud Parent]

“Daddy, out of my way please, I’m cleaning up!” *Chuckle* [Very Proud Parent]

Not only does he get his own yogurt from the fridge, he opens it, retrieves a spoon from the drawer, throws out his garbage, but now, can wash his own dishes.

No child labor laws being broken here! These are chores people! Remember, chores build character. Chores teach discipline. Chores help with Daddy’s sanity.

Now, if I could only get him to put all his Thomas the Tank trains away, on the shelves, in the proper order, we’d be all set… Hmmm…[wood burning]…but then I might be out of a job and I’d have to go back to “work” in the “real” world…

“I’ll be right there buddy, don’t touch those trains, Daddy will do it!”


Angel said...

Yeah for helper! Yeah for daddy! *claps hands!

My girl monkey loves to do the dishes. After about 10 minutes though the washcloth becomes a girl and a cup is her pool and all chores end. LOL

Trains in name order? Self imposed torture, that's what I say!! hee hee

Working Gal said...

I don't think we have any Trains that haven't been chewed by our puppy. they are in a bin, in a heap. If I had only known the hazards of mixing a puppy with toddler toys!

Angel said...

We lost a few Scooby doo figures to puppy teeth darn it!