Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Sweet Smell Of Success

LektricShave – The Grandfather’s Scent, a young boy dreams of the day his first whisker will sprout.

Old Spice – The Father’s Scent, a young boy beginning a lifetime of facial hair removal uses this for the first time.

Calvin Klein, Halston, Aramis – The dancing, dating and decadence of the eighties.

Polo, Geoffrey Beene, Perry Ellis – Jobs are now careers, leather portfolios replace spiral notebooks and business cards take over for numbers on napkins.

Eau de Isomil – A sweet fragrant aroma that wafts throughout the house. Estate planning and 401K’s interfere with wide-eyed dreams. A clean T-Shirt = Luxurious Apparel. Nothing says sexy more than the odor of soy based infant formula.


Angel said...

LOL.... I should have realized that when my kids were young and wore my V. Secret stuff and blown hubby away? hee hee.

You are cracking me up today and I can't keep up with your posts this time! :D

Working Gal said...

Too funny! My dad always smelled like a combination of Lectric Shave, Brut cologne, and a certain scent of Speed Stick. I can't smell any of those things without thinking of him. THankfully, now he has moved away from the Brut Cologne, but I think he still uses the other two!!

Almost everything my hubby wears makes me sneeze - not very romantic, huh?

Anonymous said...

Old Spice will always remind me of my father...I love that smell.

Angel said...

Yes, old spice = my dad. Memories of my childhood now. LOL

Anonymous said...

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