Monday, January 15, 2007

Expletive Deleted

While preparing for yesterday’s activities, I was the victim of a serious plot against my health and well being. After a shower, I was proceeding to our bedroom, rather quickly. On my way, I tried to move a door jamb with my foot. The house is over a hundred years old so I really can’t blame what happened next on anything but my own stupidity. Crack, snap, pop, [Expletive Deleted x6], yes, it’s broken. My little toe on my left foot lost its brief battle with the sturdy hundred year old building. This little piggy will not be going to market any time soon.

While this may sound extremely painful… it IS. The worst part -- it’s the 3rd time in five years that I’ve broken this exact toe -- doing the exact same thing. You’d think I’d learn… you’d be wrong. So I was able to hobble through the Helper’s party without much incident. But, when it came time for the aforementioned dancing portion, needless to say I did not participate, for fear my screeching would be heard over the Rascal Flatts at 100 watts.

For the next week or so, every step I take will be a constant reminder to strictly enforce the “No Running In The House Rule,” and “Stupid Is, As Stupid Does.” Hopefully, I will learn this time… probably not. If anyone would like to start a pool for the next eighteen months, please feel free, I have a couple of dates I’d like to buy!


Angel said...

The third time in five years? That means about every 20 months. Open the betting up to 20 months and then I want to know what the over/under is. (I have no idea what an over/under is, I heard it once and thought it would be fun to write. *giggle*)

Sorry you have a horizontally challenged toe. May the pain decrease and the bullseye on it disappear. And peripheral vision is highly underrated.

I hope you heal quickly,

Long Island Dad said...

Thanks. From experience it take some time. Hmmmm... maybe I should just sit in a chair all day and do nothing! I wonder if the Helper is ready to feed and change his brother... on second thought... the mess that could occur might cause me more pain.

Angel said...

No, sitting and doing nothing would probably drive you crazy (harkening back to the trains in line by name.) You are a doer and so the broken toe is a hinderance even more than most.

Sorry that it takes time. *sigh* Here's to hoping it happens to heal faster this time.

Oh, The Joys said...



WILLIAM said...

I spilt my little toe about two weeks ago on the door jam. It did not break and I probably needed stitches but man does it hurt.

Anonymous said...

Now you have a built-in comeback for the inevitable, "Why can't I run in the house?"

"Do you want to end up like your father?"

Long Island Dad said...

William - Thanks for the support, I feel your pain!

Jeff - The only problem there is, I'll get, "But I have my shoes on, seeeee!" Foiled again, Batman!

Amanda said...

Sounds painful. Slow down, Daddy! My hubby learned his lesson from an accident with our stairs, read more on his blog. He broke his ankle back at the end of April. It was a turning point in our family, I'll tell you that.