Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Day That Changed My Life... Forever.

Twelve years ago, today, a little girl changed my life.

Four years ago, today, a little boy changed it again.

If life is a compilation of events, for me, these two are in the top four. There are very few events that we recall with such clarity; the anticipation, the preparation, the uneasiness, the joy, the smells, the sights and the sounds. Like a video in HD these pictures are as sharp today as they were when they happened.

The Girl started middle school this year, sixth grade; changing classes, lockers, and new friends. And, BOYS aren’t disgusting anymore! *Sigh*

The Helper has honed so many skills; he is indeed my “little MAN.”

I have one more shot with the Baby, I cherish every second with him. Because I know, one day, GIRLS won’t have “cooties” and I’ll just become “my Old Man.”

There’s a brief moment in time that most father’s can relate too; it’s the time you first get to hold your child. For a lot of us, we get to hold our children even before the Mommies. They are usually otherwise occupied immediately after child birth. I was lucky enough to hold all my children for a fifteen to twenty minute period while Mommy was being tended to. I got to talk to them, hug them, and make them promises I’ve continued to keep.

My skills, or lack of, as a parent, will carry over from generation to generation. My children will rear their children based on the example I have set, and so on and so forth. I will continue to strive for “Wise Old Man” status and diminish the tendency toward “Babbling Fool.”

Happy Birthday my beautiful children!

May I continue to fill your days with happiness and joy, love and respect, knowledge and wisdom, and most of all Hope!


Angel said...

Beautifully well written.

Long Island Dad said...


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post.

You have two children with the same birthdays? That is quite special...

I love hearing about them...thank you for sharing.

Oh, The Joys said...

Aw. You're a good Dad.

DramaMama said...

What a beautiful post! And how cool that two of your children share a birthday! WOW! That is rare.

Great great post.

JINAI said...

Even if you weren't my friend... you are special

Working Gal said...

That's neat that they were born on the same day. My two kiddos were born in the exact same room at the hospital - we have always thought that was special. Happy birthday to yours today!

Amanda said...

You children are very lucky to have such an attentive, loving and caring Dad!