Wednesday, January 17, 2007

"Go To Your Room!"

While I was correcting some rude behavior this morning the Helper responded with:

"Daddy, I'm going to my room now, DON'T FOLLOW ME!"

So much for using, "Go to your room!" as a future threat. Perhaps if there were no toys, no bed, no creature comforts... and no heat, it might return to the arsenal of behavior management tools.
He never ever slams his door though; the Mommy has made it quite clear, from the beginning, that if any child ever slammed a door to their room she would immediately instruct the Daddy to remove it... forever! A deterrent that has worked to this day. It is our belief that privacy under our roof is a privilege not a right!

I didn't follow, he returned five minutes later under his own power offering "an apology" for his previous behavior...

"Daddy, I'm not mad at you anymore!"


Angel said...

Funny funny stuff!

We have actually removed the door once. Not due to slamming but to repeatedly locking it when we have told them locking is not allowed. It was off for a week. They don't lock the door anymore.

Thanks for sharing that cute story. Something tells me you and your children are more laid back, even tempered personalities while we are loud and wild here. LOL

Long Island Dad said...

Oh, no locks, not ever! It interferes with the dramatic busting into a room and catching a perpetrator off guard!

Angel said...

My favorite tool was a tiny screwdriver (flat head.) My son still to this day has no idea how I was able to STILL enter a room despite it being locked. He thinks I have magical powers. *chuckle*

Pete Aldin said...

Love this, man. A kid who uses his own room for time-to-thinkk-&-cool-off then proactively offers his own apology.

Either you're a great parent or your kid's wonderfully wired ... or both!

Ginger said...

Occasionally our daughter (age 6) gets mad at us or upset about something and goes to her room and goes to bed without telling anyone. She sure showed us!