Monday, January 15, 2007

A Good Time Was Had By All

The Helper wants to thank all of you for your birthday wishes! He had a great time, as predicted. We ate, ate and ate, again! One of the advantages of Mommy's career is that, occasionally, we benefit from her years of experience. Mommy is a fantastic chef... Chicken Francaise at a child's birthday, who knew? The Helper only eats about ten things so the meal was for us adults... he didn't care though -- presents were his fuel.

Helper-ism of the Day:
(Immediately prior to the big event's commencement.)

"Many, many, many (8-10 in all) people will be coming and we'll dance! We'll put on 'Life Is A Highway' and dance."

That boy really knows how to have a good time! Yes, there was dancing, but not by yours truly. His Godmother and our good friend Erica danced with the boy for an hour, after most of the guests departed. (Faithful readers will remember these are the two people who took him to see Santa at the mall -- such good friends.) One advantage of having your computer tied to your whole house entertainment system is being able to customize the musical mood. Though, my iTunes playcount for "Life Is A Highway" is now 65, the Helper has been asleep for 14 straight hours. The boy certainly knows how to party... and he didn't even have any of Mommy's exquisite Margarita's. Happy Birthday, Buddy!


Anonymous said...

What is it about that song? Every boy I know loves that...Including some grown up boys...

So glad he had fun!

Angel said...

Such cute pictures and awsome recount of the day! Thanks for sharing the recap!

Dancing is loved by all kids. I used to do it with my parents and do that with my kids. I hope they always remember it.

I bet the helper has some excellent moves. (my son names his. LOL)

Jinai said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTOPHER! Keep dancing... I'm looking for a new tango partner.