Friday, January 26, 2007

Photo Friday

In an effort to keep a theme to Long Island Dad, I'm starting Photo Friday. A place where I sort through and post some new and old pictures for your viewing pleasure. The Helper certainly has his following and who am I to disappoint them?

My Little Gentleman!

A younger Helper taken at the beach on Fire Island.
The flags in the distance fly over the TWA Flight 800 memorial.

The Helper loves his trains!
This was taken this summer at the Long Island Railroad Museum.

One of Greg "Wiggles" last live performances. Taken this summer at the Nassau Coliseum. As I've mentioned before the children are so deprived... they never get to do anything cool...

Daddy and the Helper making a sand art creation at the annual Oysterfest Festival.
Again... he never gets to do anything fun...
Long Island definitely doesn't have a shortage of sand.


Karly said...

Wonder what he's thinking about (or is he plotting?) in that second picture? Such a little man.

We're going to see the Wiggles in February, too! Can't wait! Well, I can...because I hate the Wiggles, but the kids will have blast. Ten dollar snow cones, here we come.

Anonymous said...

I have a very similar picture of SF and me at the Oyster festival this year too...We should all 'meet' there next year!!!!

Mike said...

What a good looking boy.

No, I won't take the low road and make fun of the way his dad looks. Because the photos speak for themselves...

Ooops there I go.

Long Island Dad said...

Karly: He's Always Plotting! And truth be told -- I did not attend the Wiggles event. Mom and Nan took him! My mama didn't raise no dummy!

Janet: Great Idea!

Mike: Some of us age more gracefully than others I guess...

Sophie said...

Those pictures are adorable. Deprived life? Yea right. Looks like fun to me!

Angel said...

WOW! Your son is gorgeous! In a super manly way!

Great pictures! So they got to see the Wiggles, eh? Lucky kids!

Terry said...

I wish I had been soooooo deprived as a child.

But indeed, you have a handsome little man!!

Anonymous said...

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