Friday, January 26, 2007

Does Handy Manny Read LID?

While watching Playhouse Disney this morning (don't laugh! -- you know you do too!) they did a promo for tomorrow's new episode of Handy Manny. It seems the new episode is "The Case Of The Missing Socks."

Hmmmm... seems to me I recently posted a humorous anecdote about a missing sock.

Coincidence... I think NOT!

I know the Helper has a close personal relationship with Mr. Manny but I didn't know he was feeding him story ideas. I guess it's okay as long as he receives compensation.

I have to go to my mailbox now and see if there's a check from Disney... I'll let you know.
Nope... not yet, maybe tomorrow!


Angel said...

I love Handy Manny! I was SO excited when I saw the previews for that show back in the summer or whenever it was. My hubs is Mexican so my kids are 1/2 and 1/2. I thought this would be a really cute show and the boys do love it and I think it's VERY well done. Playhouse Disney is on everyday in this house. So where did you actually get to meet Manny! Cool pic!

Long Island Dad said...

The Helper has his connections. We had a meet and great at the annual Oysterfest I linked on Photo Friday. Manny is a very cool fellow and almost as talented as I am. LOL! j/k! The Helper thinks he's more talented... "Manny can fix ANYTHING!" Yeah, have Manny paint your room then!

Mike said...

I don't know. I watched a lot of That 70's Show. And I never thought of Fez as a role model for my children.

Then again, I guess he is as good as any of them...

Angel said...

My kids refuse to watch Disney shows. LOL

Angel my kids love Dora the explorer and have learned to count in spanish as well as say many words. My daughter was playing with her dolls and saying words in spanish just today.

cheex said...

We love Handy Manny around here too.

Isn't the older lady on Handy Manny who makes the cookies Rosario from Will & Grace? Sounds just like her.