Friday, January 26, 2007

Nine Degrees !

Remember the post I did about the weather? Well now I’m definitely eating my words… No… they’re actually being crammed down my throat. This morning my computer told me it was 9 degrees outside at 7 a.m. While this may not be a big deal for our Canadian friends it’s certainly a big deal here on our little island. Today we’re predicted to have wind chill temperatures between -10 and -15 degrees.

That’s COLD folks!

No going out with the kiddies today. I’ll keep you posted when the igloo gets finished. I have to go hitch up the sled dogs now and make a run for provisions.


Angel said...

Yes.... 7 am here.... 7 degrees. Yep. THATcold. I'd blame you, I would, but it was inevitable. No shoveling the new 3 inches of snow on my driveway until we reach our balmy high of 23. LOL.. Hmmm what is our windchill? I know the schools are delayed and closed here. Not due to the snow, but the windchill and temps.

Can I shrink wrap my house to keep the heat in? LOL

Anonymous said...

9 degrees.
Makes me want to puke. I woke up to my husband telling me it's 9 degrees out today. Thanks...Brrrrr.

Mike said...

60 + here. We just got back from the park and left our jackets in the car while we played.


Long Island Dad said...

See Mike -- that's just not nice... did I make fun when you guys had ice hanging from everywhere? Isn't 60 cold for Texas? Bundle up you might catch cold!

Sophie said...

It rarely gets that cold down in Georgia, but we have plenty of days when it is so rainy that you can't go outside. What do you do to keep the kids occupied when you are stuck inside all day? I need ideas.

Long Island Dad said...

Sophie: Yeah... He thinks he's deprived. To answer your question, coloring, painting (though not his room), puzzles, riding him around like I'm a horse (oh, my back!), playing trains, watching movies, reading stories, eating, looking at pictures of the summertime, he also plays on the computer @ playhouse disney... that's all before noon then we get dressed and start our day! Just Kidding... not about the activities though.

Anonymous said...

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