Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Alas, All Good Things Must End

All good things must end. Our mini-vacation is coming to a close. The Mommy will be returning to work tomorrow for another eight day work marathon. Needless to say a good time was had by all. We are all fully rested and prepared to face our upcoming work stretch head on. There have been daily naps, good food and drink, movie watching and just some plain 'ole veggin' time.

The only casualty this weekend was the Mommy's pink Motorola RAZR Cell Phone. It went for a dip in a cup of coffee Saturday night. It seems that cell phones should avoid being immersed in liquid at all costs... who knew? Have no fears though, Mommy went on-line with our cellular carrier and ordered a replacement -- the new BlackBerry Pearl -- which should be here today. The Mommy will be able to send and receive her emails and browse the web from anywhere... Ah, the technology. A definite advantage with her busy schedule. I like when the Mommy gets a new phone, usually once a year, because the Daddy gets one too. That's right, Mommy ordered Daddy a new cell phone -- not the BlackBerry -- I don't need to be in that kind of contact -- but its a beautiful new device just for being me. (I was not the one who sent the RAZR in for a swim.)

Thanks for all the well wishes, folks. They were much appreciated. Some "Helper-ism" posts will be forthcoming, stay tuned. Thanks for visiting... the saga continues.


Oh, The Joys said...

...and now you're back to the routine... -SIGH-

Angel said...

Sorry the good thing had to end but welcome back to the blog abyss with the rest of us.

Hubby has been working over 12 hour days going on three weeks and only Saturday off. My son is sick today. Ugh! I need a minivacation.

OH...You had me thinking you dipped her phone in coffee (j/k) I gave my daugther's gameboy a wash in my front loader washing machine for a spell until I heard it. I freaked. I took it apart and let it dry for a week. It still works. Who'd have thought?

Working Gal said...

I also wouldn't recommend running over a cell phone with a car.

Athomehubby dropped it, I ran it over. That'll really ruin a phone - not that we didn't try to turn it back on!

MyBestInvest said...

Do you think the cell phone rep you talked to had a field for that in his computer? I can see him clicking along processing your order and getting to this screen:

Reason for replacement
1) Lost
2) Stolen
3) Dropped
4) Crushed
5) Submerged in a frappacino

Mike said...

I kill phones frequently. One fell in the Gulf of Mexico, it did not work after. One went through the washer, after a new battery it still works.

A pager fell off the roof of my car, after I had gotten on the freeway. It probably would have workedb after that, but it belonged to work, so I left it and told them I lost it.

Glad you had a good rest. Or whatever...