Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A One Track Mind?

For a lifetime I have been designing and remodeling residential structures. After some time, I have even become pretty good at it. I am extremely proficient in all areas of home improvement and possess quite an arsenal of equipment dedicated to this purpose. I’ve mentioned this before… there’s nothing like a man and his tools.

Here’s the problem; the Helper, as previously posted (I forgot where and when, but I know I did), is looking for a remake of his little corner of the world. He would like his room to change colors… immediately!

It has gotten to the point that I seem to require multiple reminders on a daily basis.

“Dad, my room is boring, can you pleeeeease paint it?”

“I will buddy, this spring, as soon as it’s warmer out, okay?”

“Look! It sure is spring outside, look out the window, c’mere I show you!”

“Okay buddy, what color do you think would look good?” (A lame attempt to change focus.)

“Red… and Blue… and Green… oh, and Yellow… black, too!”

Hmmm… seems awfully similar to the CARS movie color scheme, me thinks!

Now, the apparent, 4 year old, deal closer...

“I’ll help you, Dad! I’m a good painter… like my pictures.”

Oh, boy -- there’s no way this will end well. He did help with his brother’s room, as I’ve mentioned, though he never actually touched anything he was a great motivational speaker… I’ll leave that to your imaginations.

You may be saying, just give in, paint the lil' guy's room. Yes, I’m sure that’s what you’re saying. I would, except for the fact that all his “stuff” must be removed and placed on the back porch. Something I will not do in 19 degree weather. I promise that as soon as the temperature is over 50 degrees on a daily basis I will start this monumental task (I've remodeled 300 year old mansions that have taken less effort). Until then, I will ward off my daily reminders with cunning re-direction and witty retorts.

The boy, on the other hand, will continue to review color swatches and watch Handy Manny completely overhaul the town’s merry-go-round, in fifteen minutes, with six hand tools… that talk, no less!


Angel said...

I'm quite handy with home improvement and power tools thrill me! My son has been bugging me to put stripes on his walls in his room. I plan to do it but in the spring. He hasn't bugged me too much though. I just hope, for his masculinity, that I am not having him watch too many design shows. LOL

Working Gal said...

It's warm enough here - would you like to paint my son's room?

I'll buy the paint...all the tacos you can eat...

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the magnetic paint...!

Oh, The Joys said...

No way. I hate painting. I will never pressure you there.

Long Island Dad said...

Angel - Never toooo many design shows...
WG - After today's snow and tonight tempature's in the teens -- I'm on the next flight!
Janet - Thanks I almost forgot about that -- GREAT IDEA!!!!
Joys - Thanks for the support,l I can always count on you!