Tuesday, January 2, 2007

A Late Night Ahead... and Some Updates

I’m picking up my friend at the airport tonight. She’s returning from a ten day vacation in Palm Springs, CA. She’s the one I’ve been pet sitting for and whose car I’ve been using. Her flight gets in at 12:30 a.m. EST and it’s about an hour and a half drive home. I expect to be in bed by three, hopefully. The Helper has gone to Nannie’s overnight; he won’t be home until tomorrow night. Mommy’s dropping the Baby off at Nan’s tomorrow before she goes to work. All so I can get some sleep tomorrow. Have I mentioned before how much I am in love with this woman. I think I have, but it needs repeating. I love you honey!

A follow-up to “Real Men Don’t Cry”: The Baby had to go to the Dr.’s today for another vaccine and check up. He’s doing great; 75th-90th percentile on height and weight, as well as, making all his developmental milestones. This is always a big worry for us parents until they’re “out of the woods.” Supposedly, when they’re forty or so…that’s what I hear at least.

A follow-up to “Dad, My Socks Are Boring”: The Helper announced to Mommy and me, on New Year’s Eve that his room is “boring” too. Well, to be honest, we really haven’t changed it since he was a baby. Mommy and I have been talking about a room renovation but not until this summer. I think a remodel will be sooner than later, though. Especially, seeing as he was such a big help when we were doing his brother’s room in preparation for the baby’s arrival. My only problem is a logistical one – where to put all the crap toys while I’m repainting and revamping. Oh maybe he’ll just have to out grow this “boredom” phase. Or maybe he can just embrace a minimalist design concept. We’ll see -- I’ll keep you posted if anything else becomes “boring.” I sure hope I’m not boring to him? Hmmm… I’ll have to ask him. Thanks for reading!


Angel said...

A 12 year old girl, a 3-1/2 and 2 month old boy? Boy do you have your hands full there.

I loved the article you wrote, very well written and boy have I been there with vaccinations. My 5 year old daughter just had her boosters and I had to hold her arms down. Last April my son got so sick on vacation he required a penecillin shot, which hurts, and I had to hold him down, on his stomach while he got the shot in the butt. He's almost 7 and he cried, the poor thing.

And I hear, 'Mom, I'm bored" too often from my son. Not from my daughter though. Hmmmm.

Karly said...

Um, if I were you, I wouldn't ask if you are boring. Just wait another year or two and you'll hear it way more often than you want.

Good luck with the room remodel!

Long Island Dad said...

Karly, you mean my, "Greatest Dad Ever," status may be in jeopardy! Oh, I don't want to know that!