Friday, January 5, 2007

Today's TODAY Show

I know I should just let these things roll off my back…but I can’t, must be a character flaw. On this morning’s TODAY Show on NBC, Al Roker did a segment on becoming better parents in 2007. While the content of the segment was informative in a gender neutral way, I have an issue with the opening video. The story was introduced by running a series of candid interview videos with parents. Eleven out of twelve of these videos interviewed a Mom only – the only video that had a Dad in it said, “He hoped he’d get a chance to spend more time with his family this year.” He was sitting at a table three feet away from his daughter. All the Moms were either holding their children or touching them in some way. While I know I’m probably overly sensitive about this subject – I’m not paranoid…am I? Just goes to show that Parents=Moms according to the unbiased, well-informed American media. Hey, I’m raising two boys here and in 2007 the media still tells us that “Leave It To Beaver” is the "model family" goal. Any thoughts folks?

See for yourself. Watch the video HERE!


Mike said...

Around here we tend to think The Simpson's are a more realistic version of reality.

Plus, we like the pretty colors.

Working Gal said...

I understand your frustration. I am so tired of being asked, "Don't you just hate being away from your kids all day?" No one ever asks the men in my office the same question. And, besides, my answer is NO - I DON'T hate it. I would go INSANE being at home all day, but I am a damn fine attorney, and so we are doing what works. My husband is an amazing stay at home parent.

Try not to let it get to you though. Remember, it was probably about a 9 minute (at the most) segment, and they always default to the stereotypes for simplicity's sake. You could always turn off the TV and listen to NPR - I find that keeps me much more sane! :)

Angel said...

Write a book for SAHD's. Someone should bring it to light. Like I said previously, I haven't met one here in my town, most are SAHM's and so these blogs are opening my eyes. I never would have picked up on that (but then again I am a mom and not the stay at home dad.)

You're feeling forgotten. Stay at home mom's get a bad rap but Stay at home dads are forgotten. For that I'm sorry. Keep up the good work raising your kids. Making kids into morally sound, well balanced happy adults is the biggest job you'll ever do and if you do it well....NO ONE will notice. LOL. Take care.

Long Island Dad said...

To the ladies (WG & Angel) - Thanks for the support. WG - NPR only from 12-4 nap/reading time. Though, I'm a big fan of "All Things Considered"

To All: Mike=Homer
Princess= A younger Lisa
Boss Lady=Marge
Yeah Mike really does have a death wish.

Angel said...

LOL.... Simpsons even fits my family

Hubby = Homer (he even sometimes says Doh!)

Me = Marge. My hair was more like hers in 1991 (see my blog for Big Hair hee hee)

My son monkey = Bart(although my son is very smart and doesn't get into trouble. hmmm.)

My daugther monkey = Lisa

No maggie

But we do have a cat and a

Oh, The Joys said...

You and this guy:

need to hook up.