Saturday, January 6, 2007

Scenes of Spring?

As a follow-up to "Not To Sound Ungrateful But..." I wanted to post some pictures of the Helper and the Girl (the Helper's Big Sister). Outside fun makes for long, long naps, and it's good exercise too, right?
Interesting Side Note: The Helper and his Sister share the same birthday - January 16th - eleven years apart. Cool, huh?

The Girl is teaching him how to swing. Saves me from having to push him all the time. She's such a good girl. The Helper is playing with his new remote control truck. A Christmas gift from our friend "Bem" a.k.a. Jenn. It's rated for 8 and over so, of course, he has to use it with adult supervision, though, he only lets me play for a minute or so. The poor girl tried to find some refuge to read her book...silly, silly, girl. What was she thinking? I'll have to show her some of my hiding spots, that boy has the instincts of a bloodhound.

Yes, I sat on the porch and told him to chase the car around while I drove. Am I brilliant, or what? He did it and thought it was a blast...who cares if Sister and I had ulterior motives, hee hee ;)

Not wanting to leave anyone out -- the Baby napped while all the outside frolicking took place. He's resting up... big day tomorrow as our JETS will be kickin' some PATRIOT butt!

Update: Baby still napping, the Helper has passed out in his room and the Girl has left for a sleepover at friends... ah, the sounds of silence. I guess my little plan worked.


Angel said...

Awwww that is so cute. It was far too wet and rainy here to enjoy the warmth. I'm glad your kids got nice and worn out.

That little one is so darn cute....I tried to squeeze his cheeks through the monitor. LOL.

My kids watched 'Barnyard' tonight and my daughter was crazy over coyotes. After that it was 6 degrees to coyotes with her. Every conversation went back to them. But now? ahhhhhh quiet. Love it! :D Have a great night!

Long Island Dad said...

The little guy is really cute, thank you! Pictures don't do him justice. He's also the sweetest child I've ever met, including the other two. Smiles all the time -- never, ever give us any trouble -- last night slept from 9:30 p.m. - 8 a.m....he's three months old. We're soooooo lucky and blessed!

Angel said...

Yes you are. Ahh to keep them little like that for as long as we can. They grow up too fast. Kiss him while you can Dad, my son won't let me kiss him anywhere except on his head anymore. Almost 7 but too big for kisses? *pout*