Friday, January 5, 2007

Eight Days and Counting

The Mommy started an eight day stretch of work today, and it’s going to rain. Her next day off (and my next day off) is a week from Saturday. I’m prepared though – new coffee maker and bags of beans – just can’t run out of milk!

I’ve put on my cruise director’s hat…Hmmm… I wonder what Julie McCoy would do with three kids, a rainy weekend, and no car? I’ll get creative; taking down holiday decorations seems like good ‘ole family fun.. Though, I was wondering, is it really that bad to wash down Xanex with beer? If my posts suddenly cease would someone please send help!


Oh, The Joys said...

Xanax? You've got xanax? Hook a sister up.

Angel said...

Xanax and beer? Could be bad. I'll send the troops if necessary. I'm done undecorating and on psycho cleaning crew today.... wish me luck.

I have squat on what to do now, but come summer I have an awesome recipe for sidewalk chalk you can use.

Long Island Dad said...

Joys - No Xanax for you you're back to work!

Angel- Good luck cleaning! The kids are still enjoying their Christmas "loot" so I have some time before things go down hill!

Anonymous said...

I'll keep an eye out for you and missing posts...If I don't hear from you...I'll use my super sensors to detect your home and come to your rescue....hee hee..

Mike said...

No car? Our second was in the shop for 12 hours the other day and I felt like someone had ripped off my arm.

And if the beer don't work, try the whiskey.