Friday, February 2, 2007

Photo Friday - 2/2/2007

This week's edition of Photo Friday focuses on a "younger" Helper.
Some oldies but goodies! Enjoy!

The Ultimate Fan!
Teach them young and they'll be fans for life.
Children don't get to decide what teams they like... that's our job!
No, it's not brainwashing... just good parenting!

Because he really is a 40 year old man trapped in a 2 year old body!

Our Little Rock Star!
Who gives a 2 1/2 year old a drum set?
A Godfather (Mommy's Brother) with a sense of humor, that's who!
Don't worry... he got his folks!

He parties like a Rock Star too!
Work hard, Play hard that's what I always say!

Prior to forming his band, the Helper enjoyed vacationing in Florida.
Here he is pool side... just chillin'
"Can someone get me a Pina Colada, please!" "Good help is so hard to find."

The Master and The Original Apprentice.
Helping (hence his namesake) Dad with an addition to the "Playscape."
Yes, he does have his own tool belt and tools... and knows how to use them.
[Proud Dad]

Just in case you missed this one from the other day!
Taken prior to the "peeing" incident.
Good thing he was wearing the shirt... I told you it would come in handy!

A late edition! Not to be outdone in the weather photo category... here's my entry.
This morning, 2/2/2007 at 7:00 a.m. No cocktails on the deck today...
unless a hot buttered rum counts.
The Mommy left at 6 a.m. for her 45 mile commute... haven't spoken with her yet,
but I'm sure she's not seeing the beauty in this morning's precipitation... just a hunch!


That's it for this week's edition of Photo Friday. Next week we'll focus on the Baby. For you very astute readers you'll notice a lack of Girl (12 year old sister) pictures on this blog.
She's 12 and in middle school, folks... the last thing she wants are her photo's published... to be used against her during lunch period!

Thanks for visiting, Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Wow. You have a lot of snow. We don't have any. Just big flakes...But you can find those in our town all year 'round.

I love those pictures. He is too cute. I love that he has a toolbelt and tools.

And the Yankees Jersey...Good thing. I'd hate to have to stop visiting you because you are the "other" NY team's fans...

DraMa said...

Great photos!! What a cutie! I love the one of him on the chaise lounge chair! HA! And for the record, yes, the parents job is to pick the teams they are allowed to root for, however, dressing him a Spankee's outfit is just cruel and unusual punishment. Seriously. I'm calling CPS.

Long Island Dad said...

Janet: Yeah we got hit out here... good thing Mommy works in Nassau, she was driving away from it.

DraMa: We'll see who gets a spankin' this year...and don't tell me you're one of those "CUBBY" fans...

Oh, The Joys said...

I think The Mayor needs one of those "No YOU calm down" shirts.

Mike said...

Not just the same pics. I suspect we have the same brother in law.

Mine bought every boy under 6 the exact same drum set last year at Christmas. It came out of the closet for one day last week.

Just like my brother in law.

Just a joke, mom. Only a joke.

In case she followed me over...

Angel L. said...

So many wonderful pictures and labels for him. The helper is so cute!!!

As for the pics, or lack there of, for the daughter.... totally understood.

We had 3 of those drum sets and peanut could beat the skins with the best of them. Who knew? At least until the less than sturdy things broke. My son got an electric guitar from Santa and daddy plans on teaching him.

Beautiful picture of snow! We got another 3 inches at least. I believe we are over a foot by now. wow! Isn't it pretty? (when you aren't driving in it. LOL

Mamma said...

As long as you teach them to be Yankee fans it is good parenting.