Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tuesday's Truth

What’s The Rush!

“… slow down and take a deep breath!”
-The Helper, 2006

In my 42 years of living in the vicinity of New York City I have become accustomed to the extremely fast pace of life in this area. It’s true, New Yorker’s want everything yesterday, but does that mean we have to sacrifice manners and common courtesy? What kind of example are we setting for our children?

Yesterday, I was making my daily run to our local supermarket (childless) to restock some provisions (chicken and carrot raviolis – the Helper’s main food staple.) I always try to use the self-service check out. I like this idea, I can check out at my own pace… quick! I can bag the items the way I want, so nothing gets crushed in transit.

While I was in the middle of scanning my eighteen piece order (no, I wasn’t on a twelve items or less line) a man gets on line behind me. Once I completed and paid for my order I walked to the end of the belt to bag my items, eighteen in all, should take about twenty seconds, right? Well, the man behind me steps up to the scanner and proceeds to start his order. Six two liter bottles of soda, start sliding their way down the belt and slam into my container of fresh baked rainbow cookies (a reward for, Mommy and Daddy, working so hard lately.)

Being a “rough and tough” New Yorker I needed to combat this blatant inconsideration with a stern response, “Excuse Me! A little patience, please, I’ll be done in a minute!” To which I received a “humph” and “snort,” …so much for civility at the supermarket.

It just seems that the life’s pace is ever increasing, for all of us. Whether by our own choice or external pressures, things are just moving way too fast.

I don’t know about you, but I, for one, am in no rush to sprint toward the finish line!

I will try to employ my four year old’s mantra stated above… he’s wise beyond his years.

And that’s The TRUTH!

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Working Gal said...

Ah, a new themed day - Tuesday's truth --- just one problem

I see the life

I see the lessons

I see the links


Great theme - jeez - you're going to have a theme for every day - I like it!

Waya said...

I don't think it's just New Yorkers but almost every where. People, I think, are just grumpier in the winter! The cold brings out the bear in all of us when all we want to do is hibernate 'til spring.

DramaMama said...

I love this post! Love the links section and everything.

And I agree with Waya... while New Yorkers tend to take the brunt of criticism... it happens everywhere.

MyBestInvest said...

In the south, you would have apologized all over yourself for this dude being rude to you. We live under a veil of feigned kindness/passive aggressive behavior.

Terry said...

I dont know why New Yorkers are judged so brutally!! The folks that I am in contact with on a weekly basis are "typical" New Yorkers... Very Brash and obnoxious when in that faster pace, but all of them are quite lovely people when they slow down a bit.

Feigned kindness?? Very accurate indeed. We must keep up those appearances in the South!!