Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wednesday What Nots #1

The New Theme Concept

Yes, that’s right, this is the last installment of LID’s new theme. Some astute readers have caught on that I like order, structure, and rigidity… in other words, a plan. I’m a builder… it’s an occupational hazard.

When I first started my blog, I read many, many others to see what was out there. I started mine with the intention of providing friends and family updates on my meager, dull daily existence. But, I was all over the place, from serious parenting issues to funny Helper stories. The five themes keep me on track and put things in their place. I like that! I need that!

Wednesday What Nots is a catch all category, from Helper updates to anything that strikes me at the moment. I will update throughout the day as things come up… they always do.

Thanks for all your positive support for the new theme concept. And, as always, thanks for reading. Remember tomorrow is Tool Box Thursday, no previews here, you’ll have to stay tuned… only because I’m still working on it… so much to post… so little time!

Helper Update

The Helper is leaving this morning for an overnight stay at Nannie’s. She hasn’t seen him in over a week and both of them are getting a little antsy. The Helper has also been bouncing off the walls… literally… remember the broken statue from the weekend? So, hopefully when he returns tomorrow he’ll be worn out… Nannie’s good for that!

The Baby and I will be alone today, which gives me a chance to CLEAN! Every time the Mommy has a day off I get behind on my daily duties. Not that I’m complaining, it’s just I like things neat, organized, clean… I’m a freak!

As breaking news happens I will update this post. I’m sure there will be some Helper related story in our immediate future… I can feel it in my bones.


Long Island Dad

Reality TV Junkie… all except for American Idol (though it’s growing on me) and the new Bravo TV shows. Love Hell’s Kitchen, The Apprentice, Survivor, Blow Out, Weekend Warriors… well most home improvement shows including the original… This Old House. I have every issue of This Old House Magazine.

The Helper

Only likes Coffee Ice Cream… Vanilla in a pinch but never Chocolate… it’s “dirty.”

Calmness is a state of mind, not a tangible, reachable goal!

Knowing the Helper as I do, I am sending him to Nannie's today wearing this shirt. I figure the subject of his energy level may come up... and this way his response is already out there for all to see. Yeah, I'm funny... and yes, my mother-in-law does have a sense of humor... she had five kids for goodness sake!

A Case of Doing Rather Than Saying...

Our friend, Angel, a.k.a. Drama Mama, posted yesterday that she is doing something about the terrible disease - Breast Cancer. *BIG CLAP HANDS* As you folks already know this is a subject that’s very important to Long Island Dad. I would have included this in yesterday’s link section, but alas, she posted after I was done for the day. Please check it out!


Working Gal said...

Very cute t-shirt! Enjoy your day of cleanliness. And, as I always tell my husband - for goodness sake - do something fun for yourself today too!! It keeps away the insanity.

DramaMama said...

Thanks for the nod LID!! I appreciate it. I'm not looking for recognition... just money! LMAO!

Gretchen said...

Order and structure... Right up my alley!

On wednesdays, I have 'hump day' - generally covering three unrelated topics that couldn't really be a whole post on their own.

I'll be back!

Working Gal said...

Do you think, perhaps, the energy level has something to do with the coffee ice cream? *kidding*