Thursday, February 1, 2007

Damn It!

In true MAN fashion...

Last night I got a phone call from my wonderful MIL. You'll remember that the Helper was staying with her overnight. While trying to contain her laughter she recounted an event that took place while she was preparing dinner.

The Helper had informed Nannie that he needed to use the potty before dinner... so off he went. A few minutes later she hears,

"Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!"

She rushed to the bathroom to see what was causing his profane outbursts.

Upon arriving at the bathroom door, the Helper informed her,

"It didn't go in the hole, it sprayed everywhere, it ruined everything!"

She calmly explained that nothing was ruined... and decided it was probably not a good time to discuss his language.

Lessons to teach:
  1. No cursing at Nannies...ever!
  2. A tool in the hands of a novice can be a dangerous thing!
  3. What happens in the bathroom... stays in the bathroom!
This parenting thing never, ever stops!


Mike said...

it ruined everything!

There is a life lesson in there somewhere.

Angel L. said...

My daughter went through a damn it phase and when asked 'where did you hear that? Did mommy say that?" she said "No, daddy says it." LOL. Phew.

Why doesn't my son think that piddling all over the floor, toilet and sometimes the wall ruin everything. He just says, "mommy, sometimes it can't be controlled." I think that the helper needs to talk to my son about that and convince him he should shoot for the inside of the toilet.

Karly said...

Oh, how I wish Elijah was that opposed to peeing on the floor.

And I'm shocked to hear such language from the helper! You never swear on your blog...when I saw your title I gasped! ;) Now I don't have to worry about you reading all my profane posts.

Gina said...

Great to read...and enjoy your perspective....brings back memories too...

Concerning boys...let me remind you of something...I have two teenage boys and a tool even in the hands of expert can still be a dangerous!


Long Island Dad said...

Mike: You're right... I'm just waiting a while to teach "that" lesson!
Angel: "...can't be controlled." That's what I always say...Hmmmm!
Karly: Yeah, that Helper's no Saint... must get it from his mother, uh oh... did I just say that!!!
Gina: Truer words have not been spoken! Thanks for stoppin' by!