Monday, February 5, 2007

Monday Morning Quarterback - 2/5/2007

The Circle of Life

Last night, after all my site tweaking was done, and the children were in bed, and in between the raindrops of the Superbowl, I went “visiting”…

I found out our dear friend Jessica, from Oh, The Joys, posted a piece about her grandfather. He’s very ill, but according to Jessica, he’s comfortable. If you get a chance go “visit” Jess and take a look at the great picture she posted. My thoughts and prayers are with Jessica and her family.

I also read that our friend, Steve, from Inside Fatherhood, welcomed the arrival of his beautiful baby daughter yesterday morning, Meghan Alexis. Congratulations to Steve, his wife, and the rest of his brood… this makes five for him! Interesting note; Steve’s baby was born at home! For more information on at home births visit Steve's site... and ask him!

The Superbowl XLI

While I did watch most of Superbowl XLI on my big TV, as the only adult in the building last night, I was up and down a million times. That is, until the sweet relief of bedtime arrived. I used the halftime break to say good night and tuck in my little men, so I missed Prince’s performance. Oh, well… putting my guys to bed was more important than his Royal Purpleness.

Sorry, Drama Mama… to you and your family. There’s always next year. Congratulations to all you Indianapolis fans, enjoy it, because it won’t happen next year, you’re no New England Patriots… and I think our Big Green Machine will go all the way!

The Baby’s Four Month Check Up

On Saturday, the Mommy took the baby for his four month doctor’s visit. He gained another pound and another inch. Such a healthy, happy kid!

It seems though, at four months old, he’s not satisfied with his liquid diet anymore. The doctor recommended that he actually start some solid food. I know this isn’t usually begun until at least six months, but our little guy was up to 40 ounces of formula a day. He’s not chubby; he’s still in the 75th percentile for weight, he’s just not satisfied. They grow up so fast!

Of course he got some shots (needed vaccinations) too… his least favorite thing in the world. Well, he actually doesn’t have much to compare it too, so it actually makes it worse. I did not go to the appointment with Mommy and the Baby. I stayed home with the other two. After the appointment, Mommy dropped the Baby home and went up to the store for some “solid” food, a.k.a baby cereal and fruits, and a prescription he needed. Both our sons suffer/suffered from bad cases of eczema on their heads. When he was a baby, The Helper’s went away immediately after using the prescription ointment. We’re hoping for the same with the Baby. It’s amazing how brother’s can be so similar… yet so different.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Forget Christmas, Forget Back to School… this is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Yes, that’s right, tax preparation season. Between January 31st and April 15th millions of us receive tax refunds, some of you have to pay… I’m sorry for that.

In Saturday’s mail was the last piece of financial documentation we needed to complete our tax returns. Whooo Hoooo! Savvy fans of Long Island Dad will put together the fact that we had a baby this year… in October… which means a bigger refund. Again, Whooo Hoooo!

Long Island Dad is a big fan of this tax preparation software. I’ve used it for years and it’s never let me down. It took me about an hour to prepare and e-file our returns… 10-14 days until our back account is flush again. Ah, direct deposit; a man’s best friend!

But then reality sets in and the bill folder gets opened… Alas, our wonderful financial windfall will be put to good use, supplying the much needed electricity and heat, as well as, food for the brood.

It’s still the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, though… when else does the government give you back cold hard cash?

Weather Update: Friggin' Cold... 10 Degrees upon awaking this morning! But... Sunny, if that's any consolation! It's NOT!

That’s it for this week’s edition of Monday Morning Quarterback. Thanks for visiting! Oh, and please comment on the new look… or anything else.


Anonymous said...

I love that picture of your baby. What a little man.

I saw Prince. I love him, but it was nothing so spectacular that I'd say too bad you missed it.

Yup, freezing. I don't wanna go out today but I hafta. Boo.

Mike said...

We try to limit the refund every year, and jsut have access to that cash during the year.

Still, I would rather get a big ol' refund than to have to mail in a check.

Sending ours in today. So that Mickey can get his share in March.

Angel said...

Ahhhh half-time was bath time and bed time at our house as well.

Congrats to the baby and his continued growth and flourishing. Ahhh baby cereal and their little eager mouths like birds opening for the soft spoon. *sigh* memories. Have fun and enjoy it (as I'm sure you will!)

We are still waiting for our last piece of paper before I can finish our taxes. Ugh! Congrats to you!

Last night our low was -18 here. It finally reached 0 here at 9:10 am. I don't care what you say, I'm not leaving the house today (the kids already had today off but other schools have closed.)

Long Island Dad said...

Yeah Janet... Friggin' Cold... only 'cause this blog is rated PG-13 otherwise...

Mike -- we did that when I had my business. Balanced just enough to break even at year's end, could never get it right... always ended up owing. Now... Refund Baby! Sorry Bud! That Mickey's worse than the IRS though... hand in your pocket right down Main Street USA. LOL!

Long Island Dad said...

I agree Angel... NO GOING OUTSIDE TODAY! There's no heater out there!

Haley-O said...

the site looks great! Love the picture of your little guy. He's adorable. I'm glad the checkup went well. My friend's started their son on solids when he was 4 months, too. :) They're all different. He needs his solids, obviously, so go for it, and have fun! ;) It is freezing here in T.O....

Mike said...

hand in your pocket right down Main Street USA.

Oh man, if this blog wasn't PG-13, or if it was angel's blog, then I would have something to say about that...

Angel said...

Wait a minute, Mike. Is my blog rated R? *looking left, looking right?* Ummm have you found my OTHER blog? hee hee. j/k.

And bring it over to my blog, I'm more than a bit curious as to what you'd say on my end. *smirk*