Sunday, February 4, 2007

The Big Game... The Big TV!

The Mommy is working this evening so there will be no big Superbowl party at Long Island Dad's house. Not such a big deal... seeing as our beloved JETS are not participating this year. While I'll still be watching this year's extravaganza, it's outcome really doesn't matter... to me. Of course, there's the National Anthem being sung by Long Island's own Billy Joel, and, then there are the commercials, and the all important Half-Time show.

This year though, my excitement is definitely at an all time high... why you ask? Because this year Long Island Dad has a big new TV -- A 42" SONY WEGA HDTV! After 42 years on this earth I have acquired one of man's greatest inventions... a large screen TV.

A note about High Definition TV (for those of you you haven't had the pleasure)... there's something to be said for being able to see droplets of sweat fly through the air after two large men collide.

No, LID's not a rich man... I have kids, remember? You see, my neighbors' were remodeling their home this fall and decided to replace their TV with a new Phillips Flat Screen. They offered me their existing 18 month old set for $900. A great price considering the TV was $2,500 just a year and a half ago. Well, at the time, I didn't have an extra $900 for such an extravagance... let's be serious, I never have an extra $900. But, I did have something they wanted... it seemed, "Mrs. Neighbor" wanted their living room, hallway, and kitchen painted. I offered to do it in exchange for the TV of my Dreams! Deal struck; everyone was ecstatic! I bought the paint and spent three days working off my barter. Everyone got what they wanted!

There's a lesson in here for the kids, too... sometimes an item is often more appreciated if you use your time and talents to acquire it, rather than just paying cash!

So I'll be watching, and as promised to Drama Mama, will be rooting for 'da Bears! Not really a stretch for me... you see the COLTS are an AFC team... our beloved JETS are an AFC team... get my drift? If we can't have it then no one can! Petty I know, but this is sports, folks... it brings out the inner child in all of us. Nothing sophisticated about grown men running after a small, weird shaped ball, just for the heck of it!

So if you need me after 6 p.m. tonight, you'll know where I'll be... my big comfy chair, feeding the baby, yelling, "Get out of the way!" at the Helper, just enjoying my Big Monster TV!


Karly said...

Congrats on the new TV! Just keep the kids AWAY from it! (Now I've probably jinxed ya, sorry bout that!)

Mike said...

Cool TV. I need one, too.

Our 25" will have to do until Mickey Mouse robs us blind.

Long Island Dad said...

Thank K and M
Yeah, Mike it's cool! One day I'll go into those three days of painting at the neighbor's though... I more than paid for my prize possession!
Watch your wallet around Mickey... he's not only fast but crafty too!!

Shionge said...

Wow! What a bargain for a big TV :D

Yup! Far away to soak in the mood for Superbowl but I hope you have a great time!

Terry said...

You know, I completely forgot it was Superbowl Sunday, until I could not find an empty parking spot at the truck stop.....Hmmmmm Gentlemen, start your engines!! Oops, wrong sport.

Angel L. said...

Big TV! We want a HDTV that size (jelly belly) but we do have a nice 32" Sony Wega that we got a few years ago. Of course hubby wants bigger, men. LOL j/k. ohhhh so kidding.

Anywho... I hope your bright big TV is warming your face as you watch the game. It doesn't seem Drama will be happy (it's the 4th quarter now.) I was rooting for her and other friends in Chicago. I'm with you, it's easier to root for them given the NFC versus AFC since the Steelers are in the AFC.

Anonymous said...

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