Sunday, February 4, 2007

And Now... A New Look!

With my new ability to change my header, I thought it might be time for a fresh look here at LID. I went on a search for 3-column templates that work with the new blogger. Lo and behold a great gentleman from the Netherlands, Thur Broeders, had been working very hard on just such a thing. The layout you see is fully customizable, from colors to fonts, to layout size. Between Jeff and Thur, LID is getting closer to the look and feel I want.

Please visit Jeff's and Thur's sites. They're both great.

A million thanks!


Anonymous said...

Love the new look....
Now I want three columns!!!!

Terry said...

Looking Good, LID!!
For us more technologically challenged folk, simple is better. No new edits for me!! Trust me, its better that way.