Thursday, November 30, 2006

Camera Queen Strikes Again

As a rule, men don’t take pictures. We leave this task to our wives. Developing the photographic record of our children’s childhood is best left to the expert. They know what event requires a picture and what doesn’t.

My mother lives in coastal Florida and is evacuated from time to time due to hurricanes. The only thing she takes with her is her photos. They’re numerous, but irreplaceable. All taken before the age of digital technology. The only record of my childhood, preserved forever in aging photo albums. Over the years, she has parted with a few, giving them to my wife to archive. My mother has said everything else can be replaced, but not photos.

My wife has diligently taken on the role of family photographer. Documenting and recording events and the passing of time. These days this is easier because of digital imagery. Pictures are taken, stored, shared and printed all with the click of a button. Also, if we ever have to evacuate due to a natural catastrophe, a handful of CDs will come with us. They’ll contain every picture ever taken of my sons.

I would suggest that every parent purchase some sort of digital camera. They’re inexpensive enough now and no film is required. They also provide instant gratification as you can view your photos immediately. Email them to Nannie and Aunt Risa within minutes. Or in my case, include some in an article and post them to a website.

My wife has every photo dated and categorized for posterity. I enjoy them now but I’m sure once these guys move out and I no longer see them everyday, I’ll enjoy them even more. Whether posed or candid, these pictures provide proof of life and times. Our camera is always on my desk, ready to go, batteries charged. Click, click – another moment in time preserved for future generations. Thank you, Mary. I’m the first one to whine when the camera comes out, and the first one who wants to see the pictures. Go figure, I’m a man, we’re enigmas.

The pictures above are of our Jet's fans, and their Halloween attire -- Tigger and Roo, best friends forever. The picture on the right is Fire Island Lighthouse. This would be one of those advantages of living on Long Island. Scenery like this is only a ten minute drive away. Enjoy.

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