Saturday, December 30, 2006

"Real" Men Do Vacuum

I have to vacuum everyday, sometimes twice a day, sometimes three times. We live in a rural area, have a large gravel driveway, a 4 year old who loves his dirt, and two dogs and a cat. I have learned quite a few tricks to effective floor maintenance over the years. Below is some of my acquired knowledge:

  • Use a vacuum that’s bag-less. (I’d go broke buying bags if I didn’t.) I use a Hoover knock-off of the Dyson. It works just as well for a quarter of the price. Ah, cyclonic action that never loses suction. Test drive all different models. I research a new vacuum like a new nail gun. Nowadays I use a vacuum much more than my great collection of self contained Paslode nailers.
  • Buy a 25’ shop vacuum extension hose (the small diameter one) from a home center (i.e. The Home Depot, Lowes, etc.) and attach it to your vacuum’s hose. You can either use aluminum tape or large hose clamps. This lets you use all the attachments two rooms away without having to lug the machine around. Also you can clean hard floors in a room where people are sleeping, because the noisy machine is down the hall. Also helps when vacuuming the blades of ceiling fans, or basement stairs.
  • Clean the vacuum out in the garage using your air compressor. Make sure to wear a dust mask. The result is a canister and filter that resemble a new machine.
  • Buy a shop vacuum brush attachment. The ones that come with a regular vacuum just don’t cut it.
  • Vacuuming is easier than sweeping, not as much bending over, plus it does a better job.
  • Vacuum when babies are little. They get used to the noise and it doesn’t wake them. Infants have an uncanny ability to tune out sounds they don’t need to process. As a bonus, when they get older they’ll want to help.
  • Replace the brush roller belt monthly. They stretch out faster than you think.
  • Don’t bury a vacuum away in a closet where it can’t be gotten to easily. Dog fur waits for no man and “Dustbusters” just don’t cut it for us “more power” freaks.
Yes, to all the Mom readers, I do tweak and modify most household appliances to suit my needs, and No, nothing has blown up...yet.

Thanks for reading.

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