Saturday, December 16, 2006

Parenting Is A Privilege

Recently, Brian Reid, a.k.a. RebelDad started a Manifesto Project. Please read the details on his site:

You can see all the other submissions he's already posted by clicking here:
Parenting Manifestos

Below is my contribution to his effort. Thanks for reading.

Parenting Is A Privilege
The Parenting Manifesto Project

Parents are created differently; whether by happenstance or years of planning, becoming a parent is life’s most special event. Nothing else compares to the enormous trust that is placed in us the day our child is born. Parenting isn’t a job, a task, or a chore – it’s a privilege. A privilege is defined as a special treat or honor. When a baby is born he has no skills or knowledge, except for basic human instincts. The same is true of new parents. As our child grows and evolves so do we. Here are some do’s and don’ts this “evolving” parent has learned so far:

DO tell your child you love them everyday.

DO show them enormous amounts of affection.

DO show in interest in all their activities.

DO instill a sense of Faith and Hope in your children.

DO teach them; Compassion, Respect and Charity.

DO create activities that develop their Bodies, Minds, and Souls.

DO teach them that Winning isn’t everything, but Losing isn’t much fun either.

DO teach them; Manners, Values, Morals, and that their Vote does count!

DO trust your instincts.

DO accept that you’ll make mistakes.

DO say “I’m sorry,” and mean it.

DO strive to be better everyday.

DO remember it’s more fun to say YES than NO.

DO make time for yourself every week. (Everyday would be better, but that’s a stretch.)

DO realize parenting is a lifelong gig – there’s no parole!

DO remember the title of “parent” is greater than any professional award you could ever achieve.

Do seek out resources to help you along the way, but filter and tailor them to your situation. (It may take a village, but it starts with YOU!)

Don’t believe everything you read, hear, or see!

Don’t lose your temper.

DON’T put an internet enabled computer in a child’s room.

Don’t compare your child to someone else’s. (Same goes for your spouse or partner.)

DON’T be a stay-at-home parent unless you really want to. Children sense stress better than any polygraph machine.

Don’t forget, these are the people who will take care of you when you’re old. (What comes around goes around!)

And last but not least,

DO NOT forget this is a PRIVILEGE to be honored and treasured everyday.


Kevin said...

Very nice list. Mine would be about the same!
Except for the comparing children part. I really enjoy bragging about his language skills, it helps with distracting me from the fact he can't drink from a cup or eat with a spoon yet. lol

Long Island Dad said...

Your right -- I should change that one to, "TRY not to compare...except for braggin'" 'Cause we all do that!

Anonymous said...

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