Friday, February 23, 2007

Order, Planning and Cleanliness Can Bite You In The A%#!

One of the ways I’m surviving successful as a stay-at-home-parent is through order and planning. When I first started my new career, I relied on my acquired skills from my previous profession.

I like plans.

I like order.

I crave neatness.

A place for everything and everything in its place.

But… this can be a double edged sword when dealing with the little people. Children love to mimic, copy, and continually show us what they’ve learned.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? (Although, I’m SURE you do.)

Here’s my latest example…

While looking out the front window the other day (remind me to move the couch away from the windows) the Helper reminded me I was failing in my yard maintenance duties…

“Daddy, look at YOUR yard… you have to go and clean it up!”

“It’s winter, honey, we don’t do anything with the yard in the winter.”

“Yeah… it’s a MESS!”

Obvious first thought,
So is YOUR room.
Then I remembered… He makes me clean that up too.

So instead, I offered,
“When it gets warmer out WE’LL have to clean up the property.”

To which I was told, with a tone of disgust,
“Yeah… just look at the MESS!”

Children learn most effectively by observing others. We’re soooo proud of them when they emulate us -- even when they’re throwing it back in our face!


Angel said...

hahahahahahahaha.... too cute, LID.

Yeah, it's scary to hear ourselves in tiny voices isn't it?

The other day my daughter said, "Yeah, we need to clean up all this crap. This is a mess."

That's right, I say crap. That's the extent of my bad language but she picked it up all the same. LOL *sigh*

Thanks for sharing the humor along with the advice.

Anonymous said...

So THAT's why my kid is a cranky, moody, beyatch...She learns it from me!

Oh, The Joys said...

Hop to it yard man!

Flawed & Disorderly said...

Ha ha! That's cute. I need to come over here more often and look for sage parenting advice. I'm raising 3 toddlers right now, and I'm definitely into the phase of having to break one child's defiant attitude without breaking her spirit. Any suggestions?

BTW, meant to come over yesterday to tell you I didn't believe you. It WAS Thursday after all! :D

Augs Casa said...

When My oldest gets dirty, I hear an earful of WIPES please...WIPES. I should be greatful he wants to be clean, but I'll give you one guess who he gets that from. It starts with DRA and ends in MA.

Anonymous said...

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