Sunday, February 11, 2007

Off To See "Honey!"

This is an early edition of Monday Morning Quarterback. I had to write this installment as it was fresh in my head... you, my fellow bloggers will understand. I will regale you with the rest of this weekend's anecdotes tomorrow!

The Helper is gone! No, not forever… I didn’t sell him on eBay, folks! He was scooped up by Nannie on Sunday because we’re supposed to get snow in the middle of the week. What does one have to do with the other you ask? Nannie and the Helper need their weekly “fix.” They need to spend time with each other at least once every seven days or they start to show signs of mental deterioration. As you might recall, she had him last Wednesday into Thursday. But, if we got any sort of frozen precipitation where she would be unable to get the little guy, they’d both go out of their minds… not a pretty sight I can assure you!

Also, my father-in-law (my wife’s step-father, actually) is 98 years old. Yes, 98!
The more time my little guy can get with him the better. A note about my father-in-law; he’s 98 years old only on paper... he still has all his faculties, still very active, still does yard work, chops fire wood, cut his grass (although I helped him with that this fall, due to a short stay in the hospital), bundles the trash, takes walks up and down the block and “takes care of” my mother-in-law. He’s quite a man. One day, I’ll tell you his story. Suffice it to say, there are/have been/will be very, very few like him.

He and the Helper have a special relationship. My son does not see the advancement of his years. It’s his, “Honey.” Why “Honey?” Because when the boy first started to talk all he would ever hear my mother-in-law call her husband was “Honey.” Who are we to tell the little guy any different… it’s his “Honey!”

They play with each other, the Helper subjects him to stories of his latest adventures, then they sit and watch old westerns on TV. The difference of ninety-four years in age is never apparent. Grandfather to Grandson, man to man, they have a bond. My beautiful little Helper is named after me and his Grandfather. We thought it very appropriate to give him my father-in-law’s name as his middle name… now you know why the Helper is not a junior!


Angel said...

his 'honey' that is sooooo sweet. And 98 years young is something to be applauded. It's wonderful that he shares both names. My son isn't a junior with my dad as the first name and hubby as the middle name.

Those names the kids give their grandparents are always remembered, even as they grow out of them. My daugther used to call my mom 'Pie'. I don't know why but she loved it because my daughter thought it up on her own.

Thank you for sharing the story. I also think it's wonderful that his Nannie has to get that fix. I wish that could happen here for one or both of my kids. Instead my in-laws see my kids once every 2-3 months maybe longer sometimes. Sometimes they don't call. They were here for his party but didn't interact much with him. My parents are involved but don't take them overnight. So if I say I'm jelly belly it isn't just for me, it's for my kids too.

*claps hands for Nannie and honey* :D

Anonymous said...

I love that. His "Honey".

That is so sweet that you make sure Nannie gets her 'helper fix' every week. Very special.

Yay Nannie & Honey!!!!

Karly said...

Oh, I love that he calls him honey. How cute is that.

Elijah has a very special Papa that he has to see weekly, too. They are also best buds. Don't you love watching that relationship develop? Its so special.

Oh, The Joys said...

I'm so jealous. Our Grandma's live too far away!

MyBestInvest said...

Very cool that they get to spend that time together.