Thursday, December 21, 2006

Wants and Needs: My "Wish" List

As this holiday season revs into high gear, I am starting to reflect on this past year. With all the talk of gift lists and New Year’s resolutions I find myself thinking about my own personal wants and needs. One of the things we’re charged to do, as parents, is teach the difference between these two. Over the past couple of weeks I have been putting a list together – in my head – of what I WANT and what I really NEED. While the list below is by no means finished, all inclusive, or in any particular order, it’s a start. I will add to it as I think of new ones. Again, as always, thanks for reading.

I NEED every child to experience Love, Hope, Faith and Joy, every minute of everyday.

I WANT a 15” LCD TV for the kitchen.

I NEED doctors and scientists to find causes and cures for AIDS, Cancer (All Types), Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Crohn’s, Depression, Mental Illness, SIDS and all other devastating human diseases.

I WANT a new electric razor.

I NEED every child to have as much food as they want.

I WANT a free unlimited account at iTunes.

I NEED our leaders to find a solution for the situation in Iraq.

I WANT an uninterrupted afternoon nap everyday.

I NEED Israelis’ and Palestinians to find a way to coexist peacefully.

I WANT a free weekly cleaning service until my children leave for college.

I NEED every child in foster care to find loving, caring parents.

I WANT my wife to get a big fat raise.

I NEED to hug my kids everyday.

I WANT a vacation 6 times a year.

I NEED our elected officials to care more about their constituency’s needs and less about fundraising for re-election.

I WANT the kitchen to be magically clean every morning.

I NEED the genocide in Darfur to end.

I WANT PS3 – if only to turn around and sell it on eBay.

I NEED to tell my wife “I Love You” as much as I can.

I WANT a new car that never breaks down or requires gas.

I NEED my children to be smarter than I am.

I WANT a voice recognition program – that works – for my computer so I don’t have to type all this.

I NEED every person to devote some of their time and talents to charity on a regular basis.

I WANT my children to believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth fairy, forever.

I NEED everyone who is capable and wants a job to have one.

I WANT a coffee maker that anticipates my needs.

I NEED every child to experience the joy of reading.

I WANT people to read Long Island Dad everyday.

I NEED all homelessness to end.

I WANT diapers that change themselves.

I NEED Social Security and Health Care in America to be fixed NOW!

I WANT to be a better father.

I NEED to be a better father.

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